Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rudy and his Twitter Pals, Part 1 - Mario

When Rudy first became a Tiwtter anipal, the only one he knew was @kittehboi. Mr Breeze, ever the statesman, introduced Rudy to his pals, and Rudy took to Twitter like he did anything in life. His signature was arriving on line: *slides in floofs tail* Morning anipals!

He was still exploring his "catness" and wanted to get to know all of the other Maine Coon cats. He met @Pandafur and @Rumblepurr. He branched into MC cousins including @MizzBazzie. His way of greeting the fellow MC's was *High MC paw*!

One of his best pals was @Mariodacat. Actually when the met, Mario was @Ladycat3. The most memorable was one pawpawty Ladycat was a bit tipsy. Rudy, ever the gentleman, walked Ladycat home. 2 days later, ladycat3 had turned into Mario. Rudy never did ask about the sex change operation. I guess he figured that if Mario wanted to tell him the story, it would come out. However it was, they became good friends. They would go to pawpawtys together and try to decide if the girls would dance with them. Two beautiful mancats, one always elegant in black and white tuxedo, the other striking and rugged in his red and white. There wasn't a girl who could turn them down, but both were unsure of themselves. Such a good pair they were.

Mario wan the Christmas banner that I worked on during Rudy's last days. it was so appropriate.


  1. Both M and I are laughing so hard our tummies hurt. Boy, do we remember dat pawpawty! It was so much fun. How very diplomatic of Rudy not to ask questions about the sex change operation too. (he he) Dat's how he was - fun, diplomatic and a real gentleman! M and I are starting to get leaky eyes cuz we remember our pal Rudy and really, really miss him. Thanks for making our day with those memories.

  2. I certainly couldn't turn either of them down!

  3. I luved Rudy sliding in an floofin him tale, he wuz so wonderfur!