Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twitter Pals Part 3 - Pawpawty Ladies

I had a rule that Rudy couldn't date until he was 2 years old. However, he was allowed to go to pawpawtys and dance with the lady cats. As I said before, Rudy and Mario talked about who they thought would dance with them, both being a little awkward around ladies in social situations.

@katieboocat reminded me that she was one of his dance partners. He was scared to death to ask her to dance! she had that cool avatar where her hair is done up in the slickest flip. I mean, is that the sign of a popular girl or what? So, I taught he to really dance. We had always done foxtrots and cha cha, but he needed to learn how to lead. Once he learned all that, he was feeling much more confidant. He got his courage together, maybe a nip brownie helped, and asked katie to dance. He told me later it was heavenly.

Rudy always admired @MadLabM. She was so cool and collected AND she was excited when @MavtheTiger arrived. One pawty he asked Madison to dance. For a dog, or for that matter even a cat, she was so light on her feet and followed his lead so well. Madison is a good dancer. Rudy recommends all boy anipals dance with this lovely lady.

@Pandafur was highly sought after as a partner. I do believe Rudy got to dance with her once. It made his day, week, month... He had a crush on Pandora.

There was another girl kitty that he grew very fond of. Unfortunately, Rudy didn't always tell me the names, you know how teenage boys are. I hope she tells me who she is so she can be mentioned as well.

For my part, he was one of the best cat dance partners I have ever had, and learned the steps very well. He didn't care if we were sailing around the room with the foxtrot, or being sexy and flirtatious with the cha. Rudy just liked to dance.


  1. Rudy wuz a grate danser, I miss him verry much

  2. Oh, I hope that girl cat was me. We sat together at Hansee and Poppy's wedding, you know.

  3. And, what a dancer he was too (speaking as Ladycat3 he he).

  4. Ohhh, Rudy... he could have had any girl he wanted, with that tail of his!!

  5. I'm so glad Rudy enjoyed dancing wif me as I did wif him. I think we furst danced at my furst pawpawty, chickfest. Love & Hugs, Madison :o)

  6. Rudy & Mario 2 sweet boys giggling and eyeing up the lady cats. What a wonderful memory.