Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rudy and his Twitter Pals Part 2 - Santina

Everyone on Twitter was so excited to hear that Marblecake and Jemna were getting a new kitty. No one was sure what he/she would look like. Then, this adorable face popped up! How could you not love Santina! Rudy was so proud he burst his buttons. He so wanted to be Unca Rudy, and here was this delightful little furball. She was so small, but he got to watch her grow into a fun loving kitteh. He so wanted to watch her grow into a beautiful girl and then ladycat, protect her from the boys at pawpawtys. They would have had so much fun.

I know he's watching, gently guiding her.


  1. Oh, how Rudy would have loved Satina cuz she is a delight.

  2. Santina is like Rudy in the way that she is a michievious kitty with a kindness that shines through.
    They woulda made a fun pair to be around.