Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Pals - @kittehboi

I believe that Rudy's dearest friend, at least on his part, was @kittehboi, better known as Da Breeze. Breeze patiently taught Rudy how to navigate Twitter and introduced him to many friends. Breeze would leave Rudy to his own devices and then check back. Breeze's friend @SirFrancisDrake taught Rudy to barktend. Each knew that they were needed, their friend would step in to help.

this is the post about his friends that hurts the most.


  1. I do miss dat Rudy. He would always floof his red tail when he left da room.

  2. It's so healing to remember all the good times with Rudy. I hope it's healing for you too - Rudy's mama & family. He will live in our hearts forever.

  3. Purrrr Was tinking about dat Rudy today.