Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Pals - the #roadtrip Crew

Rudy got to know 2 other pals through Fudge, @RRCatty and @Herbie_Cat. Those guys really welcomed him into silly mancathood. One day, Rudy noticed that there was a #roadtrip going on, and he jumped aboard. @snowydaze (Winston) and @Nippers_Duck were there, for sure, can’t remember who else. Rudy drifted off to sleep after all those potent nip cigars, and woke up to find himself in leather chaps covered in gross “cat gifts”. Never did figure out how he got into those.

Another time the #roadtrip crew came to St. Louis to see the Clydesdales and the Arch. They ended up in horse poo. Another time they crash landed in a barnyard, covered in animal poo. The running thread through all of this is the RRCatty was driving.

They were planning a hot air balloon trip about the time Rudy died. Winston’s mom got sick, and then the holidays hit. No one’s heart really was in a trip without their old pal.

I know that Rudy misses his #roadtrip crew the most.

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  1. I didn't get to go on that road trip for some reason (he he - maybe I was still Ladycat3 den.) But I know Rudy had such fun with the boys on the Road Trip.