Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Julie Dog

We are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Julie the dog has been fighting cancer for a while. Our wonderful friends who were dog sitting called us yesterday. Julie died at the vet.

Julie lived to be about 12.5 years. She had a wonderful life after be rescued from a kill shelter. She chose us, those haunting eyes of hers. She also chose when to die with dignity and all faculties intact.

Julie was a great dog.

She's the black and white dog. The other 2 belong to our dear friends who ave her lots of love and care her final days.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Introducing Maggie, @MaggieTKat

I have spent a lot of time talking about Rudy because I wanted to get my memories down while they were still fresh. I would like to introduce you to another member of my cat family, Maggie.

I had wanted a Maine Coon since I first saw one about 1989. Through a friend who also happens to be a Chemistry professor, I was introduced to a beautiful blue tortie. She had been hand raised since her mom wouldn't nurse, and the human contact significantly contributed to her sweet disposition.

Maggie chatters like only a Maine Coon can and is a lap cat. She does lots of silly thing, like any MC. She is a bit shy around strangers, but eventually shows up and hangs out. The pic of her on the ironing board si Young Maggie at 10 months old.

I love torties in general, and her markings are so striking. She is now the spokesman for the house on twitter, @MaggieTKat

Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Pals - @HannibalCat

One day a quiet voice popped up and asked Rudy was a pawpawty is. Rudy told @HannibalCat, and then a bit more, and a bit more. Soon every morning they were chatting, not about much, but a friendship was kindled.

The cat behind the avatar is Pumpkin, a rather crusty British sort of very red cat. His owner is a rather reserved British chap, Hannibal, a man of few words, but important words. I think he is quite a photographer.

I have no idea what possessed @HannibalCat to ask Rudy about pawpawtys, but I am very glad.

Your memories

I have have to take a bit of a break. Please feel free to tell me about the silly guy that was Rudy.

Twitter Pals - @kittehboi

I believe that Rudy's dearest friend, at least on his part, was @kittehboi, better known as Da Breeze. Breeze patiently taught Rudy how to navigate Twitter and introduced him to many friends. Breeze would leave Rudy to his own devices and then check back. Breeze's friend @SirFrancisDrake taught Rudy to barktend. Each knew that they were needed, their friend would step in to help.

this is the post about his friends that hurts the most.

Twitter Pals - the #roadtrip Crew

Rudy got to know 2 other pals through Fudge, @RRCatty and @Herbie_Cat. Those guys really welcomed him into silly mancathood. One day, Rudy noticed that there was a #roadtrip going on, and he jumped aboard. @snowydaze (Winston) and @Nippers_Duck were there, for sure, can’t remember who else. Rudy drifted off to sleep after all those potent nip cigars, and woke up to find himself in leather chaps covered in gross “cat gifts”. Never did figure out how he got into those.

Another time the #roadtrip crew came to St. Louis to see the Clydesdales and the Arch. They ended up in horse poo. Another time they crash landed in a barnyard, covered in animal poo. The running thread through all of this is the RRCatty was driving.

They were planning a hot air balloon trip about the time Rudy died. Winston’s mom got sick, and then the holidays hit. No one’s heart really was in a trip without their old pal.

I know that Rudy misses his #roadtrip crew the most.

Twitter Pals - @SirFudgeEsq

@SirFudgeEsq was a big influence on Rudy’s interactions with Twitter anipals. Rudy had a hard time adjusting to life at our house in part because he wasn’t neutered. He was literally a dumb blond. Once he was an alter, the brains in his noggin started working. Rudy observed Fudge interact with anipals for a while before jumping into the fray. They found they appreciated each other’s sense of humor, and were pals. The thing that Rudy liked to say about Fudge is the Fudge is an equal opportunity asshole.

Twitter Pals - The Red Rangers

@isagold came up with a great name for all the red boy twitter cats - the Red Rangers. These included:

Rudy was proud to be part of this group. I will add other names in the comments aa i find the rest.

Twitter Pals - part 5 More ladies

I missed 2 other special ladies, @mouseholecat and @ellabellakitty. Oh, he thought those ladies were dreamy. I will add others in comments to this post since I know there has to be more!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter Pals Part 4 - More Twitter Ladies

I was gently reminded about the ladies Rudy danced with at the wedding of @poppy_dog and @hanseebundee. Rudy danced with both @CathyKeisha and @Sanjeethecat. Everyone sat down for the cermony and he found himself to be a lady sandwich between Sanjee and Cathy Keisha. He felt terribly awkward at the wedding anyway since girls get funny notions at weddings. And, here he was between two beautiful lady cats, not wanting one to be jealous of the other. He told me later he was so nervous that he did something juvenile, and the girls giggled. finally the service was over, and he bolted.

There are 3 ladies he was in absolute awe of: @MizzBassie, @LadyBonessa, and @MedusaJ. these ladies are so direct and to the point, so competent, and wonderful. One day Rudy was talking to @rumblepurr about how amazing Mizz Bassie is. From no where, Lady B popped up and asked if he was sweet on Mizz Bassie! Scared him half to death. MedusaJ just razzed the bejeezus out of @SirFudgeEsq, and Rudy had to love her for that. However, he was afraid she'd start razzing him, too!

Rudy regrets that he never got to talk with and dance with so many lovely ladies. So, he would advise to step up, gentlemen, and dance while you can!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twitter Pals Part 3 - Pawpawty Ladies

I had a rule that Rudy couldn't date until he was 2 years old. However, he was allowed to go to pawpawtys and dance with the lady cats. As I said before, Rudy and Mario talked about who they thought would dance with them, both being a little awkward around ladies in social situations.

@katieboocat reminded me that she was one of his dance partners. He was scared to death to ask her to dance! she had that cool avatar where her hair is done up in the slickest flip. I mean, is that the sign of a popular girl or what? So, I taught he to really dance. We had always done foxtrots and cha cha, but he needed to learn how to lead. Once he learned all that, he was feeling much more confidant. He got his courage together, maybe a nip brownie helped, and asked katie to dance. He told me later it was heavenly.

Rudy always admired @MadLabM. She was so cool and collected AND she was excited when @MavtheTiger arrived. One pawty he asked Madison to dance. For a dog, or for that matter even a cat, she was so light on her feet and followed his lead so well. Madison is a good dancer. Rudy recommends all boy anipals dance with this lovely lady.

@Pandafur was highly sought after as a partner. I do believe Rudy got to dance with her once. It made his day, week, month... He had a crush on Pandora.

There was another girl kitty that he grew very fond of. Unfortunately, Rudy didn't always tell me the names, you know how teenage boys are. I hope she tells me who she is so she can be mentioned as well.

For my part, he was one of the best cat dance partners I have ever had, and learned the steps very well. He didn't care if we were sailing around the room with the foxtrot, or being sexy and flirtatious with the cha. Rudy just liked to dance.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rudy and his Twitter Pals Part 2 - Santina

Everyone on Twitter was so excited to hear that Marblecake and Jemna were getting a new kitty. No one was sure what he/she would look like. Then, this adorable face popped up! How could you not love Santina! Rudy was so proud he burst his buttons. He so wanted to be Unca Rudy, and here was this delightful little furball. She was so small, but he got to watch her grow into a fun loving kitteh. He so wanted to watch her grow into a beautiful girl and then ladycat, protect her from the boys at pawpawtys. They would have had so much fun.

I know he's watching, gently guiding her.

Rudy and his Twitter Pals, Part 1 - Mario

When Rudy first became a Tiwtter anipal, the only one he knew was @kittehboi. Mr Breeze, ever the statesman, introduced Rudy to his pals, and Rudy took to Twitter like he did anything in life. His signature was arriving on line: *slides in floofs tail* Morning anipals!

He was still exploring his "catness" and wanted to get to know all of the other Maine Coon cats. He met @Pandafur and @Rumblepurr. He branched into MC cousins including @MizzBazzie. His way of greeting the fellow MC's was *High MC paw*!

One of his best pals was @Mariodacat. Actually when the met, Mario was @Ladycat3. The most memorable was one pawpawty Ladycat was a bit tipsy. Rudy, ever the gentleman, walked Ladycat home. 2 days later, ladycat3 had turned into Mario. Rudy never did ask about the sex change operation. I guess he figured that if Mario wanted to tell him the story, it would come out. However it was, they became good friends. They would go to pawpawtys together and try to decide if the girls would dance with them. Two beautiful mancats, one always elegant in black and white tuxedo, the other striking and rugged in his red and white. There wasn't a girl who could turn them down, but both were unsure of themselves. Such a good pair they were.

Mario wan the Christmas banner that I worked on during Rudy's last days. it was so appropriate.