Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rudy's Feathers

From the day I brought Rudy home, all he wanted to play with was play with feather toys. His favorite came from Camille Drake at abccats. He would grab the feather wand just under feathers and drag the wand around the house. He loved to drag the wand up the stairs and deposit it in bed. sometimes it was a present to me, sometimes it was for fun and games.

His passion for feathers on a stick was one of the more endearing things about Rudy. If there was a feather, he was there within seconds. I had to put away the toys because they made me cry.


  1. M had to do dat with the toys dat her Misty used to play with too, cuz it was too painful to see dem every day. We feel your pain too.

  2. I feel your sadness & miss Rudy

  3. Blessings to you. You continue strong in our prayers.

    Lub, Mattiedog