Saturday, January 9, 2010

Introducing Maggie, @MaggieTKat

I have spent a lot of time talking about Rudy because I wanted to get my memories down while they were still fresh. I would like to introduce you to another member of my cat family, Maggie.

I had wanted a Maine Coon since I first saw one about 1989. Through a friend who also happens to be a Chemistry professor, I was introduced to a beautiful blue tortie. She had been hand raised since her mom wouldn't nurse, and the human contact significantly contributed to her sweet disposition.

Maggie chatters like only a Maine Coon can and is a lap cat. She does lots of silly thing, like any MC. She is a bit shy around strangers, but eventually shows up and hangs out. The pic of her on the ironing board si Young Maggie at 10 months old.

I love torties in general, and her markings are so striking. She is now the spokesman for the house on twitter, @MaggieTKat


  1. I was so happy Rudy introduced us. Who couldn't love Maggie - another bootiful girl. he he - I remember Rudy saying "she can handle herself right well with the guys!" And he's right. Love ya Maggie.

  2. MAGGIE!!! Oh my BOOOOOOOTIFUL girl... I'm so happy to see you, and you is looking SO lovely!!!

    I hope you are well, you look very pretty my dear :)

  3. Hi ya, Maggie! So nice to meet you! You are one beautiful girl!

    We'll visit again sometime!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. *waves paw* hi Maggie!
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  5. Hai. it was fun hanging out wif you lately. You are a beautiful girl, and becoming a good friend. Ps. The champange wif Pandora was lovely wasn't it.

    *see you soon*

  6. You sure do have a floofy tail, Miss Maggie!

  7. Mags is my partner in crime & we will rule the boys together!

    C'mon Mags let's make 'sandwiches'