Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Pals - @SirFudgeEsq

@SirFudgeEsq was a big influence on Rudy’s interactions with Twitter anipals. Rudy had a hard time adjusting to life at our house in part because he wasn’t neutered. He was literally a dumb blond. Once he was an alter, the brains in his noggin started working. Rudy observed Fudge interact with anipals for a while before jumping into the fray. They found they appreciated each other’s sense of humor, and were pals. The thing that Rudy liked to say about Fudge is the Fudge is an equal opportunity asshole.


  1. M and I are laughing out loud on dat one. Yes, Fudge showed him the ropes into manhood (maybe somtimes even led him down the wrong path). Loved Rudy's comment!!

  2. Equal opss asshole MOL MOL MOL Purrfect description - as usual Rudy was spot on!