Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Etsy Store for Maine Coon Rescue

Parker and I decided to help our less fortunate Maine Coon kin and put mom's crafty stuff on Etsy. She says as stuff sells, she donates profits to Maine Coon Rescue. Recent activities for MC Rescue include recovery, veternary care, and fostering for cats from hoarding situations. Mom plans to add totes and bags, maybe even small quilts, but hasn't dug out the sewing machine yet. In the meantime, I am posting some of her jewelry.

Please visit our store for purchases, and thanks from all of us Maine Coons for helping!
KruseKats - Helping Animals

Autumn Jasper
The crystal thing is a knife rest.

Garden Bracelet - Hand Sewn to bead base. Makes a lovely sound.
We have not chewed on this. Promise.

Purple/Grape Swavorski Bracelet and Earrings

Lime Agate, Fresh Water Pearls and Mother of Pearl Bracelet. The lime agate has
a calming effect on Mom. I think it should calm Parker and Ken.

Hope you enjoyed our mini-showcase. Please remember to visit KruseKats - Helping Animals !

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Favorite Things Award

My homey, Cathy Keisha, was nominated for several awards. She allowed us humble cats to choose for a reply. I chose My Favorite Things, and all three of us are going to participate even if I have to beat them senseless. brothers!

Parker's Favorite Things
boinks, springs, and Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Pimentos, tomatoes, canned mushrooms, marshmallows and cantalope
Tussling with Ken
Mom's lap and Sleeping on the ottoman
A clean litterbox which just happens to be a cement mixing tray

Ken's Favorite Things
KIBBLE KIBBLE KIBBLE (ed. he's becoming an oinker)
Silvervine toys, undercover mouse and Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Tussling with Parker
Laying in the middle of the walkway and getting belly scratches
The Sink
Planning suprise Maggie attacks

Maggie's Favorite Things
Any friskies canned food
Mom's lap and Sleeping next to mom
Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Being brushed and boxes
Black beans, canned mushrooms