Thursday, September 22, 2011

thankful thursday

We have several things to be thankful for.
1. Mom is almost finished with the quilt so I can get lap time!
2. Mom is having shoulder surgery tomorrow, so we will get lots of cuddle time!
3. I will be thankful if Mom isn't bitchy after the surgery, but will be next week's blog!

And, I am thankful that my mom is such a nerd!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beads R Us

Quilt completion is on target! Parker has been on overtime making sure that the quilt gets done. He says that he will not be distracted nor moved during the final stages of quilt completion. We hope you like these really neat parts of the quilt. The quilt is up for auction starting Saturday, September 24 at 9 pm through sunday the 25th at 9 pm CDT.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quilting is SO Difficult

Mom is making a quilted wallhanging for Okey's Promise kickstarter challenge. We have to keep our paws and eyes on her otherwise who knows what direction she'd be off into. It is a difficult job, so I will be detailing how to snoopervise.

First of all, you have to make sure that all participants know who the snoopervisor in charge is, Me!!!! Do not for one moment think that I am sleeping. I have slits in my eyelids. I see all.

I insist that the cat help have a good bath before assuming duties.

Our duties include making sure the borders are sewn on properly.

There are many gadgets that must be checked out for maximum efficiency.

Sometimes Mom is just so exasperating! So, we call for a scritch and then stretch break.

Finally, she is at the stage where the top is done!

Before we go on to the next step, a little snooze is in order.

Stay tuned! Many more KruseKat exploits with Okey's quilt coming up! Parker dumped over beads last week. We are praying he doesn't do that this week! I think there would be lots of bad words.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tribute to Mr. Buster Kat

Mom is going to take over my blog since she needs to share about Buster.

Wanda here. I hope this posting will have some continuity, but I can't promise it. I am going to talk about THE gold standard of cats, Buster. I haven't been able to blog about his death, and I need to talk about him.

I went to look at cats at a local rescue. There was something very special about this ginger cat, something palpable in the air. Buster came home with me. That night he jumped into bed with us, purring and being a happy drooler. He knew we were now his people, and he was watching over us.

The kibble bowl always needed to be full. It was one of his insecurities. Buster would round me up and direct me to the bowls in the basement if there was only 1/4 of bowl full. It was years before he became confident enough that we always had the kibble for him.

As I said, Buster was a happy drooler. I can't tell you how many pieces of clothing he "sogged" up. I wouldn't trade that for anything. It made my heart so glad that he could show he appreciation.

I got another cat from the same rescue. Nelson was cage bound for 9 months. Buster showed him the ropes of being a cat, including how to clean butts properly. They played in the vertical blinds. Oh, what I would give to hear that again.

Buster was a menace to the rodentia population. Mice, chipmunks, moles, bunnies, and squirrels were no match for the mighty hunter. My husband who had never been around cats could not believe what a prodigious hunter Buster was. It worked out very well. Buster ate most of his prey, leaving a bit of innards in the yard. Hubby's dog wiould find the innards and role on them. The dog then needed a bath, hubby's job. I praised the cat. Talk about a circle of life!

Buster was a philosopher and understood humanese. He would listen when our cousin or myself would talk. All it took was one look from Buster, and we knew what he was thinking.

I am sorry, but I can't go on. I am crying too much.

Buster was laid to rest August 23, 2011 after losing a battle with kidney failure. He told me it was time since he peed on the carpet. He was so embarrassed - his first mistake.

I can't seem to upload these pics. sorry
Buster (head over chair) and Nelson
Buster with scape on nose after a set to with the Black Marauder
His Professional photo
Buster in our garden

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art Auction for Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause

Our dear anipal, Brewski Butt, let Bztat, aka Vicki, come to Blogpaws 2011 to make a presentation about the next phase for Okey's Promise. In her kickstarter page, Vicki explains: "My hope is that this artwork will start a dialog about the combined issues of animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence." A key issue is that this project will only be funded if at least $6,000 is pledged by Monday Sep 26, 4:02pm EDT. as of 9-6-11, $1285 have been pledged.

As you may recall, the link between domestic and animal abuse is very dear to Mom's heart. She had me contact our group of artistic anipals and we are putting together an auction of artwork. Our list so far is: jewelry by Duck'sTypist, drawings by CheshireK, a print from Bztat, a Pasikas scarf, and one of Mom's beaded wallhangings. Details are still being worked out as to when, where, how.

I hope to have pictures for you all. I promise that Parker will help mom for sure. I will say that I have left fur on it already - it is a Christmas Laurel Burch wallhanging that she plans to hand bead. Mom, you had really better glam this up, because i am falling asleep just looking at it!

Love to all,