Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful for Red Cats Thursday

As everyone knows, Mom has a passion for red cats. It all started when she found a a wounded guy on her friend's front step. Thom Katt, Esq. protected his territory and suffered a lot of scrapes. He had a personality bigger than the heavens.
One day Thom ran into the apartment meowing a blue streak and herded her to the door. Mom had 2 kittens playing outside and there was a neighborhood tom cat was stalking the babies. She was able to save the kittens because of Thom's kitty ESP. Thom went on to monitor her friend's yard and lived to a good age. My friend did these drawings of Thom the Bomb.

One of those kittens was a cameo, or silver red, long haired girl named Amelia (Earhart). Mel was a dominant personality and had a flea allergy. She tangled with a skunk once, and got the business end of that deal. I won't described how her apartment smelled! The other kitten was a long haired black tortie, Cynda. Kitty color is carried on the female gene, so the multi-colored girls carry the red gene. Cynda was a lovely girl, great personality and taught Mom how great us tortie girls are. Cyn and Mel lived well in our house in St. Louis.

Buster, a ticked red medium hair, came to live with Mom after Mel died. Mom says Buster is the Gold Standard for cats. He had the same kitty ESP as Thom, patrolled his neighborhood, and only started to lose battles when he was 15 years old. Mom kept him inside a lot more then. Other than hairballs, the only accident he ever had was on the day Mom put him down. He looked at her and his eyes told her he was sorry for the accident and he was in pain. He had made his peace with renal failure, and Mom honored his pact.

After Cynda Died, Mom got Nelson. Nelson was a gorgeous red long hair who may have been a Norwegian Forest Cat. He had been in a cage until he was 9 months old, and had very little human handling. He learned to trust Mom and Buster took him under his wing. Buster taught Nelson how to clean his butt, how to sit upright, and several other things. Nelson was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Mom said that when he was born God asked if he wanted beauty or brains. Nelson said, "Huh?". Buster deeply mourned Nelson's passing.

I came to live with Buster after Nelson died from renal failure. Since I am a blue tortie, I also have the red gene. I am a very lucky kitty because I get the best food and petting and laps and nip and.... Buster tolerated me.

Mom decided she wanted another cat, so Rudy came to live with us. I didn't like Rudy, but Mom says that is because I didn't share well. I say, that's torti-tude, and just get over it! Rudy was a beautiful red classic tabby Maine coon cat. He was a silly guy, always doing something interesting. Maine coon breeders always joke about red boys and their lack of intelligence. Well, Rudy certainly had potential, but he did not always live up to that. Rudy was the barktender of the family, and is known as the Rainbow Bridge @RudyCKat, proprietor of Rudy's Spa. His kidney's were too small and couldn't keep up with a growing MC boy. He died from renal failure.

@ParkerSKat was chosen to live with us. He is also a red classic tabby Maine coon cat. He came to us at 12 weeks old, and immediately captured the hearts of the household. Parker is a clown, a typical boy getting into everything. Buster perked up when Parker came and seemed to get a new lease on life. Even I like Parker and developed a new growl that is reserved only for him. Parker is growing like Rudy never could, and at 1.75 years old is about 20 pounds or 9 kg.Parker is helping mom sew in the picture. Well, he is looking at her upside done through the machine. He's such a trial.

Mom says that Buster did one last thing for her. She believes that Buster gave some of his wisdom and spark to Parker when he left us. We all grieved when Buster died, but Parker seemed to develop new mannerisms that reminds Mom of Buster. Now, it could be that is Parker maturing, but she swears there is something in Parker's eyes that wasn't there before.

So, that is our red cat story. Thanks to Bast for red cat power!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Traditions - Pets

Every pet in the Kruse household gets a stocking. Here are the current stockings. Mom made mine. What's up with it? She must have been having a bad day. How boring. Dad made the festive stockings for Dali and Parker.

We also get ornaments for the tree. Even after we go OTRB, our ornaments are hung with reverence.

Mom made these great stockings for Amelia and Cynda. I think I deserve better!

So far, I am the only one with an ornament. I guess someone had better get busy and find Dali and Parker an ornament. I mean, this is their second Christmas in our house! Rents!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Traditions

My good friend CheskireK asked me about our Christmas traditions. Mom likes to buy cat ornaments, mainly red kitties. Not that I mind, but give us Tortie girls a break! she says we are so beautiful it is hard to capture in a miniature version. I will let her slide. Not. So, here are some of our cat ornaments.