Monday, August 30, 2010

Parker and the Fur Toy

Cokies Anipal Photo Hunt #3
Mom went to a cat show just to buy toys for Baby Parker. This is him at 3 months old. He loved the furry toy, pulled off all of it's feathers. Since Buster and I were leery of the small newcomer, we wouldn't cuddle. We think maybe the furry was sort of a substitue mom.

Now that he's 5 months old, he doesn't care for it. I guess we all have adjusted.
These are the latest pictures of Parker. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cokie's Blog Hop - Pawtraits

This week's photo challenge from Cokie is best described in his words: "This week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme is PAWTRAITS - that is to say, portraits featuring paws!"

This is a wonderful portrait that Joan Nardozzi did of our OTRB dog, Julie. Julie would cross her paws like this all the time. It made her look like such a lady. Deep down inside, she was a hound! MOL! She always wore a sock since she had a toe removed due to cancer. So, this is doubly precious to us.

Mom adopted one of George the Duck's cousins, Ducktor Wu. Rudy couldn't figure out quite what to do with an itty bitty duck that was about the size of his paw. I am quite glad because Ducktor Wu is a good friend of mine!

Pictures from #GMCBarkNRide - Team WestATudes

Riding shotgun.

The Hookalopes caught a ride and brought their own Doggy Baggage.

Lead Singer for the Westatudes, Preston. Packed and ready to go

Monday, August 23, 2010

#GMCBarkNRide Terrain Review

The Terrain road very nice. There was enough room for baggage, a Westie, and 3 adults. The OnStar was very nice. I love the XM radio. Little Steven's Underground kept me awake the last 3 hours. I have recommended the vehicle to many people to purchase.

The GMC brand has been around for years, and is trusted. If you are looking for a quality vehicle, I can recommend it. Even after 9 hours, my posterior wasn't sore! I can't say that about many rides!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MOM,like Duh

How can you remember asquillion clothes,food,etc., and not remember the power cord to the MacBook? Have you met my mom? So,she's at #bark world and no way to upload pics. Thank goodness for the iPad, but...

Talk about incredible. I have met many of my friends - Smokey, Cosmo,Mattie, TPD, Brutie, Edna, Boris, Dusty, Hurley, Bunny, Frugal, George, Brian, Niqqi, and many others. There were a lot of dogs in the sessions, as well as my roomies, James and Manny the ferrets.

The hookalopes are rooming with us as well. All they talk about are the Shibbering Cheetos and platform shoes. When you stop to think about it, is there any other thing to life but your passions.

Hopefully mom can charge the laptop soon and we can get some pictures up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Recognize Mom

Mom, Wanda, is in the cat ears peering out the top of the #GMCBarkNRide Terrain. I think you will know her! MOL


Wordless Wednesday

Testing out the GMCTerrain

I have so much to tell you! The Terrain is here for #GMCBarkNRide. The kind gentleman from dropped off the car. He left Dallas at 4:30 am, and got to our house at 3:30 pm, all central time. Mom took a few pictures, then put it in our garage. It fit just great! We have a lot of stuff in front of the car, so we were very happy. The Terrain went on a 7-11 run last night, and it did just fine.

This morning Mom got excited and decided to drive the Terrain to work. She evaluated a lot of features. There are little lights to show where things are, like the door handles. Nothing worse than searching for the door handle in an unfamiliar car. Cruise control is all on the left hand side of the steering wheel, about where your thumb rests, and is plainly marked. Cruise control is very important to Mom. She lived in Chicago, and still has many of the driving habits. Dad says he just looks straight ahead and won't look at the speedometer. Mom even uses cruise control in town to make sure she doesn't go over the posted speed limit.

The SUV handles very well. Mom likes a solid ride with tighter European steering. The Terrain gave a great ride and it felt like she was actually driving, not just floating along like some cars she's driven. It has a tachometer which is missing in so many new cars. Mom feels like she is back driving some Mopar car again even though she's not shifting. Don't ask - she nutso!

The back up camera! WAY COOL! The picture shows in your left 1/3 of the rear view mirror. Now, is that something or what! Dad's Prius has a monitor, and you have to switch your eyes from the monitor (camera) and rear view mirror. Mom sort of likes the Terrain's feature better, except it is small. We're calling the backup camera a tossup. The mirror also has an auto-dim feature which is outstanding.

The only thing so far is the blink makes a nice soft blink sound, but you could overlook it very easily if it doesn't turn off. Mom hates cars that keep blinking. But, Mom, let it go, just let it go.
So, anyway, she gets to work and she has forgotten her access control badge. Whoops. But, all the hassle of no badge is worth all the pleasure of being part of #GMCBarkNRide going to #BarkWorld in Atlanta August 20-22, 2010.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cokie's Anipal Photo Hunt

Cokie always has great ideas, and this is no exception. He will publish a theme every week, and we find a photo to go along with that phrase. This week's theme is "You Lookin' at Me?"

I always have perfect demeanor, but the Squirt (Parker) has no qualms about being a clown. I think his photo says it all.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#GMCBarkNRide - The Terrain

Mom was SO curious about the GMC Terrain she gets to drive to #BarkWorld that she went to a local dealer to check it out, Sinclair Pontiac GMC. It was a little odd to walk into a showroom with absolutely no idea of what vehicle she was looking for, not to mention how to tell the salesman "Seriously, just looking." Well, the Terrain was in the showroom, and she was ever so grateful since temps were 100F+!!! She started looking at the Terrain, and a salesman noticed her. She explained the she won the privilege to drive a Terrain, and had several other sales folks around her while she explained the GMC program and #BarkWorld.

The salesman, Mark Wehner, was so great showing mom all the details of the vehicle. Silly mom, all she wanted to know was where the plugins are for charging devices! MOL! The SUV is a great size - big enough for cargo and small enough to give it a mid-size car feel. the Terrain has a backup camera! The camera shows stuff either on the dashboard screen or on the rear view mirror. Now, is that cool? All the controls for the vehicle are in one place, not scattered all over the interior. You can tell that the professional truck experience that GMC went into the thoughtful design of the Terrain.

Mom is even more excited to drive the vehicle now that she is a bit more familiar with it. If you are in St. Louis and want to buy a GMC Terrain, stop by Sinclair Pontiac GMC, ask for Mark Wehner, and tell him the crazy pet lady sent you.

#Readpawty has a blog!

Part of our #readpawty improvements has been to add a blog and lending list. I may still talk about readpawty here, but all posts will be found at the Please visit the new blog. Tell @pumpkinpuddy what a great job she has done creating the blog. I am going to have to hire her to spiffy up mine (turns and glares at Mom). Many thanks to Mario and MizzBassie for all their great suggestions.

Now, go visit the new blog! And, leave a comment!


Monday, August 2, 2010


For anyone who has been following the happenings for the social media conference, BarkWorldExpo, you might have heard of #GMCBarkNRide. GMC has volunteered several Terrains for us to carpool to #BarkWorld in Atlanta, GA August 20-22, 2010. I have been awarded the privilege of driving one of these! Man, this is more exciting than, um, hm, I would have to think on that one.

Mom has driven small cars since, well, let's say the Beatles were still together. She has been desperately searching the roads looking for a GMC Terrain, and she finally saw one. It is great looking vehicle, and she isn't just saying this since she "won" driving one. She's quite serious. She is looking forward to the Terrain because it looks like a big little SUV. And, there's all the stuff on board, OnStar, bluetooth, 2 DVD players, not to mention a whole host of other cool stuff.

We have been trying to tell her there is room for all of us to fit in, but she says she has to take her food (she is wheat gluten intolerant). Hmmmpf. Then she reminded us that Preston the Westie and his parents will be joining the trek. Well, maybe a dog no matter how adorable and a couple cats shouldn't be in the same vehicle together.

I guess I should introduce you to the car pool, @Preston_Speaks on Twitter, and his blog, He is allowing his parents to join us, quite sporting of him don't you think?

make sure you look at the GMC link so you can see the cute SUV we will have. Did I tell you it has a backup camera? Is that the cat's pajamas, or what?

Mags and Mom