Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter Pals Part 4 - More Twitter Ladies

I was gently reminded about the ladies Rudy danced with at the wedding of @poppy_dog and @hanseebundee. Rudy danced with both @CathyKeisha and @Sanjeethecat. Everyone sat down for the cermony and he found himself to be a lady sandwich between Sanjee and Cathy Keisha. He felt terribly awkward at the wedding anyway since girls get funny notions at weddings. And, here he was between two beautiful lady cats, not wanting one to be jealous of the other. He told me later he was so nervous that he did something juvenile, and the girls giggled. finally the service was over, and he bolted.

There are 3 ladies he was in absolute awe of: @MizzBassie, @LadyBonessa, and @MedusaJ. these ladies are so direct and to the point, so competent, and wonderful. One day Rudy was talking to @rumblepurr about how amazing Mizz Bassie is. From no where, Lady B popped up and asked if he was sweet on Mizz Bassie! Scared him half to death. MedusaJ just razzed the bejeezus out of @SirFudgeEsq, and Rudy had to love her for that. However, he was afraid she'd start razzing him, too!

Rudy regrets that he never got to talk with and dance with so many lovely ladies. So, he would advise to step up, gentlemen, and dance while you can!


  1. Oh I loved Rudy so -thought he was the most debonaire and handsome of kittys and am so touched he liked me
    Miss you Rudy YOU were the awesome one
    Lady B

  2. Rudy was such a lady's cat that I felt honored that I even got to sit next to him. I wasn't aware of Sangee cos she may have gotten up for a drink when I came in. I'll always miss Rudy cos he was so polite and kinda shy and, of course, there was that tail ...
    PS: I'd be scared of MedusaJ and BizzBassie too.

  3. Dat was by buddy Rudy. Skeered of the ladies, but he loved them so. He and I would whisper bout how good looking they were at the party.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words. Rudy was one of my favorites. I am so proud that he thought I was amazing. I thought he was a very special cat and I miss him. Purrrrrrrrrrrs.

    PS I think Maggie's special, too.

  5. Aw Roody was a good danser and a furry nise furriend. He wuz nise to sit wif at da wedding. :)

  6. Rudy... you were such a great party buddy. I miss you pal.

  7. I am so bummed to have missed out on a slow dance with Rudy :(
    We had some lovely chats and I enjoyed razzing him so gently he never noticed, saving the hardcore tongelashings for Fudge, who is more than able to take it on!!

    Rudy was so kind and supportive when I was scared about going to vet to have my teeth out. I will always remember his kindness.
    Miss ya Gentleman Rudy - be proud of Mags she's giving me a run for my money in the razzing stakes :)