Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Pals - @HannibalCat

One day a quiet voice popped up and asked Rudy was a pawpawty is. Rudy told @HannibalCat, and then a bit more, and a bit more. Soon every morning they were chatting, not about much, but a friendship was kindled.

The cat behind the avatar is Pumpkin, a rather crusty British sort of very red cat. His owner is a rather reserved British chap, Hannibal, a man of few words, but important words. I think he is quite a photographer.

I have no idea what possessed @HannibalCat to ask Rudy about pawpawtys, but I am very glad.


  1. Oh my! We'll have to chat to him! Rudy you're still helping us meet new friends!!

  2. Inigo and Rumblepurr are right - Rudy is stilll helping us make new friends.