Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudy's Avatars

Rudy was a party animal. He loved people at our house, and gatherings of anipals. He wasn't fussy. His absolute favorite thing to do was barktend at #pawpawties. Ladies were his favorite to serve. He'd get out a white towel for his forearm, and deliver the drink on a lace doily. That cat was class.

One of his favorite barktending shifts was working with @BuzzLucas. Rudy was serving @CaplinRous some hay. Buzz told him there was some behind the bar. Rudy looked at it, and it became obvious some anipals had been "rolling" in it the previous night. The 2 of them quickly got rid of the hay, and made sure that Caplin got fresh.

Here are some of his avatars. Enjoy!

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  1. What lovely memories of Rudy - it's good to see his sweet little face again.