Friday, December 18, 2009

The Shower and Drinkwell Fountain

Maine Coon cats are not afraid of water. They have a coat with oil to help repel snow and rain. They also have large paws with fur, commonly described as snowshoe paws. Both Rudy and Maggie spend a lot of time in the kitchen sink, not to mention the shower. hey loved to walk through the shower immediately after the water was turned off and track their distnictive pawrints all over the bathroom and bedroom.

Rudy loved to watch the water pour down the glass shower doors. He'd paw at the doors, making them rattle very hard. One day he stuck his head under my towel, spread his front legs, and pressed his chest and chin against the glass. That was bizarre even for him.

I usually left the shower door open a few inches since both cats liked to stick their head in the door. I don't get it, but they did. One day after rinsing off shampoo, I turned around and dman near screamed. There was Rudy sitting like a prince on the shower seat just watching the whole regime.

The Drinkwell fountain was a great hit with Rudy. He played in the fountain, in the "pond" turned the valve which regulated the flow, all the splashing all over. I had to clean up after with a couple bath towels. I believe he did that just so the reservoir would fill the "pond". It was really good when I'd put ice cubes in it, and he could bounce them around. The reservoir absolutely fascinated him. It would glurge big bubbles. He like the glurge so much that he wrapped his front legs around the reservoir. He would then shake it for all he was worth to make the bubbles appear. I was scared he would knock it over and I'd have to mop the entire floor from the spill. That was one of his odd behaviors that I was glad he outgrew.


  1. Rumbles likes to put his head under the tap and let the water run down... then he shakes his head like a doggie and gets ME all wet.

    Not impressed.


  2. he he - it's a good thing I not a Maine Coon cuz I definately NO like water - only to drink.

  3. I'm sending your mummy lots of special virtual cuddles, I hope she's doing ok. I wish I could give her some in person.