Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rudy and Toes

Rudy didn't cuddle much, but he liked to be in bed with us. I tried very hard not to play "bed monster" since his claws were sharp and his paws powerful. For some reason he decided that chomping on Art's toes in the middle of the night was a good thing to do. I have to say that I got chomped on as well, but Rudy preferred Art's big old size 14's. I thought it was hilarioius, but Art didn't. Art tends to worry a lot, and he'd worry most of the way through the night whether or not he'd get chomped, then worry the rest of the night that he did get chomped. No matter what Art did or didn't do, Rudy still ate the toes. It had gotten to a point that it was either find Rudy a new home, or get a new husband.

I miss him curled up next to me, the weight of his body. Sometimes I think I still feel Rudy against my legs.


  1. I bet Rudy takes some time from the bridge to watch over you while you sleep, such a special boy.

  2. Aww, Bet Julie misses Rudy too. sounds like they were special buddies.

  3. Excuse above post - it was meant for Julie's story.

    Toes - dat is really cute. Bet Art really misses having his toes chomped. I'm sure Rudy is watching everyone from TB and smiling down at you. He was a special friend.