Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pet Store Blues

Rudy never played with typical cat toys. They were too small; his paw was bigger than the toy. You can see how out of proportion George the Duck's cousin, Ducktor Wu, is. Rudy liked tennis balls and all of the dog's toys. Any time I went into a pet store I looked for a good sized toy for rabbit kicking.

Today I went into a pet store to get a can of dog food. Without thinking, I headed straight for the Christmas merchandise since stuffed bone caught my eye. I reached for the toy, and then it occurred to me that I don't need to look for a Maine Coon Rudy sized toy again.


  1. Dat's so sad. M had tears in her eyes when she read it cuz she remembers how it was when one of her kitties went to the RB.

  2. That's such a sad post. Mum remembers buying Whiskas cat food the day after her 1st kitty went to RB. She had bought a weeks supply, the homeless kitties at the shelter ate well for a few days.