Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rudy and the Julie Dog

Julie the Dog thinks she rules the house. She needs to control everything the cats do, what they and do how they do it. Controling a cat in Julie language is you bark at the cat till it runs, and then you chase barking the whole time. Rudy never ran, never blinked when the dog barked at him. He would just keep doing what he was doing even when the dog was about 6" from his face. Confounded that dog to no end. Rudy just didn't care what the dog had to say.

Rudy like to play with dog toys. I mean, they were much more his size. His favorite was the tennis ball. Talk about annoying the crap out of the dog. That would really start a jealous barking frenzy. I know Rudy played with the ball on purpose.

Julie and Rudy were friends. Rudy would rub against Julie and let her sniff butt. Maggie and Buster won't do that. Julie let Rudy sleep in her chair, especially his last few days. Julie and Rudy had an odd relationship, but it worked.