Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the little things I miss

Rudy's mom again, remembering.

Rudy would meet me at the door when I cam home from work. He'd run into the kitchen, jump on the counter, sliding, and clearing everything in his path. It was then officially dinner time. He ate on a plate at my right hand, Maggie on my left, and Buster on the floor.

It is difficult to go to bathroom. I never had privacy. In the middle of the night, Rudy would appear out of nowhere, put himself between the door and me, and not let me leave until he was done being petted, scratched, returning the loving with love nips. Once he got excited and bit me quite hard. I developed celulitis and had to take antibiotics. Gotta love him!

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  1. The house must be so different without Rudy. I'm so sad for you.