Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cokie's Blog Hop - Pawtraits

This week's photo challenge from Cokie is best described in his words: "This week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme is PAWTRAITS - that is to say, portraits featuring paws!"

This is a wonderful portrait that Joan Nardozzi did of our OTRB dog, Julie. Julie would cross her paws like this all the time. It made her look like such a lady. Deep down inside, she was a hound! MOL! She always wore a sock since she had a toe removed due to cancer. So, this is doubly precious to us.

Mom adopted one of George the Duck's cousins, Ducktor Wu. Rudy couldn't figure out quite what to do with an itty bitty duck that was about the size of his paw. I am quite glad because Ducktor Wu is a good friend of mine!


  1. wonderful "pawtrait"

    I am currently having a portrait done of my Sheltie and my cat (Cody) and the progress is amazing!

    If you are on Facebook check out Ashley Beech Reid Animal Portraits and you will see the stages of the one she is working on for me...can't miss it, it is the only one featuring a Sheltie and a gray tabby. It is gorgeous!

    Cat Chat

  2. Great Pawtraits! And sweet stories, too...

    Joan Nardozi did wonderful portraits of Wynnie and Cokie, too. I just realized I haven't posted them yet!

    Thanks for joining The Anipal Photo Hunt!


  3. Such a cute pawtrait! I love the sock and crossed paws.


  4. Oh my gosh - dat is such a bootiful picture of Julie. Love the paws crossed too. And of course, Rudy's photo is adorable.

  5. Great pawtraits! It always nice to see fotos of Rudy. da painting of Julie is very bewtiful.

  6. Rudy my old buddy, gr8 to see ya! @WallasEKatt xox