Monday, August 2, 2010


For anyone who has been following the happenings for the social media conference, BarkWorldExpo, you might have heard of #GMCBarkNRide. GMC has volunteered several Terrains for us to carpool to #BarkWorld in Atlanta, GA August 20-22, 2010. I have been awarded the privilege of driving one of these! Man, this is more exciting than, um, hm, I would have to think on that one.

Mom has driven small cars since, well, let's say the Beatles were still together. She has been desperately searching the roads looking for a GMC Terrain, and she finally saw one. It is great looking vehicle, and she isn't just saying this since she "won" driving one. She's quite serious. She is looking forward to the Terrain because it looks like a big little SUV. And, there's all the stuff on board, OnStar, bluetooth, 2 DVD players, not to mention a whole host of other cool stuff.

We have been trying to tell her there is room for all of us to fit in, but she says she has to take her food (she is wheat gluten intolerant). Hmmmpf. Then she reminded us that Preston the Westie and his parents will be joining the trek. Well, maybe a dog no matter how adorable and a couple cats shouldn't be in the same vehicle together.

I guess I should introduce you to the car pool, @Preston_Speaks on Twitter, and his blog, He is allowing his parents to join us, quite sporting of him don't you think?

make sure you look at the GMC link so you can see the cute SUV we will have. Did I tell you it has a backup camera? Is that the cat's pajamas, or what?

Mags and Mom


  1. Wow - Mags - dat is super cool dat your mama gets to drive dat car/van. Too bad you don't get to go, but suppose it wouldn't be much fun for us cats.

  2. It certainly sounds like a fun ride. Maybe you can get a taste of the fun afterwards?


  3. HI Mags! Sorry you can't come with us. I love cats (I have three actually) but for some reason they don't love me back..mommy says I'm too jumpy. I can't wait to meet your mommy and i promise I"ll take good care of her and remind her to bring you back presents hehehehehe