Saturday, August 21, 2010

MOM,like Duh

How can you remember asquillion clothes,food,etc., and not remember the power cord to the MacBook? Have you met my mom? So,she's at #bark world and no way to upload pics. Thank goodness for the iPad, but...

Talk about incredible. I have met many of my friends - Smokey, Cosmo,Mattie, TPD, Brutie, Edna, Boris, Dusty, Hurley, Bunny, Frugal, George, Brian, Niqqi, and many others. There were a lot of dogs in the sessions, as well as my roomies, James and Manny the ferrets.

The hookalopes are rooming with us as well. All they talk about are the Shibbering Cheetos and platform shoes. When you stop to think about it, is there any other thing to life but your passions.

Hopefully mom can charge the laptop soon and we can get some pictures up.


  1. he he - sounds like something my peeps would do. In fact, D did when they went to Italy. Now try to find extra camera batteries in a foreign country!! What a neat exp;erience - meeting all our friends.

  2. James/Manny: Wez enjoying rooming wif you too. Manny: Youz fun to play wif. *chitters*