Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Testing out the GMCTerrain

I have so much to tell you! The Terrain is here for #GMCBarkNRide. The kind gentleman from dropped off the car. He left Dallas at 4:30 am, and got to our house at 3:30 pm, all central time. Mom took a few pictures, then put it in our garage. It fit just great! We have a lot of stuff in front of the car, so we were very happy. The Terrain went on a 7-11 run last night, and it did just fine.

This morning Mom got excited and decided to drive the Terrain to work. She evaluated a lot of features. There are little lights to show where things are, like the door handles. Nothing worse than searching for the door handle in an unfamiliar car. Cruise control is all on the left hand side of the steering wheel, about where your thumb rests, and is plainly marked. Cruise control is very important to Mom. She lived in Chicago, and still has many of the driving habits. Dad says he just looks straight ahead and won't look at the speedometer. Mom even uses cruise control in town to make sure she doesn't go over the posted speed limit.

The SUV handles very well. Mom likes a solid ride with tighter European steering. The Terrain gave a great ride and it felt like she was actually driving, not just floating along like some cars she's driven. It has a tachometer which is missing in so many new cars. Mom feels like she is back driving some Mopar car again even though she's not shifting. Don't ask - she nutso!

The back up camera! WAY COOL! The picture shows in your left 1/3 of the rear view mirror. Now, is that something or what! Dad's Prius has a monitor, and you have to switch your eyes from the monitor (camera) and rear view mirror. Mom sort of likes the Terrain's feature better, except it is small. We're calling the backup camera a tossup. The mirror also has an auto-dim feature which is outstanding.

The only thing so far is the blink makes a nice soft blink sound, but you could overlook it very easily if it doesn't turn off. Mom hates cars that keep blinking. But, Mom, let it go, just let it go.
So, anyway, she gets to work and she has forgotten her access control badge. Whoops. But, all the hassle of no badge is worth all the pleasure of being part of #GMCBarkNRide going to #BarkWorld in Atlanta August 20-22, 2010.


  1. Dat is a "way cool" vehicle. You is so lucky to have it for a few days. he he - maybe you like it so well you'll buy one.

  2. Wez loved da back up Camera. Wez used da OnStar(r) too Way cool vehicle.