Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful for Knitting

Parker and I love yarn. It isn't the ball of yarn loose on the floor that fascinates us, it is the garment. Oh, I can feel my paws making biscuit in that cushy colorful stuff even as I write. She chases us out of her basket every time she spies us. Mom! You put it there so we could enjoy it, right?

I can kind of see her point since Parker has the huge lion paws. Mom is good because she keeps his claws trimmed so he doesn't hurt me. I might be a big girl at 13 pounds, but his 21 pounds tops me anyday!

Mom made a huge mohair wrap and Buster claimed it as his own. None of us have had the heart to lay on it even though he's been gone about a year. Mohair rocks my world, so I might be tempted soon...

Mom is a slow knitter because she does a lot of stuff, but mainly playing on the computer. Certainly isn't brushing my silky coat everyday for hours! She's doing pretty good on this project, another wrap/stole. It is in sock yarn in a drop stitch pattern, and is knitted long ways.

All her yarn is in 2 hampers. One has a top, the other is open. I haven't quite figured out how to lay in the open one. It tips over easily.

yes, we love Mom's yarn. It is a great substitute when she's not quilting. We give lots of advice, and fur! MOL

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  1. Your mom's new yarn thing looks beautiful! And very comfy... Looks like it could use more cat hair knitted in, though. =^..^=

    Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


    Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider

  2. We like your pictures, including the one of you in a bow tie. Your Mommy does beautiful work. We wish we had yarn to play with! We get into our Mama's embroidery floss. Purrs!

  3. TW used to knit and crochet back when she was REALLY young and she loves mohair. That wrap is gorgeous. Did you see the link I sent you for the cats on quilts thingy??

  4. You kitties are so lucky you have a knitting human! Mine knows how to knit and crochet but she has not done it for years... ever since the internet happened, in fact!