Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thanksful Thursday - Foods We Love

Every now and then Mom lets us have a few food treats. Now, she says they are not normal cat foods, but since we love them, she see no problem.

The sound of this jar is unusual, so Parker comes running. It is pimento stuffed olives. He prefers the pimentos rather than olives. I don't get it, but whatever turns his crank.

The other sound we come running for is can opener. Parks can be sound asleep upstairs, and he still hears it! Our favorite human food treat is canned mushrooms. We have a thieving war with each other. Normally I prefer to savor my mushrooms, but Parker has been known to try to steal it out of my mouth.

My canned food fave is black beans. Parker doesn't like them so much, he prefers baked beans. In fact he steals them out of the casserole if Mom doesn't watch him.

Parker is also terribly fond of Mom's gluten free pasta. He have never tasted regular pasta so we have nothing to compare it against. He steals the pasta from the colander!

So, we are thankful we have a nice mom who cooks these things. Do any of you pets eat different things?

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  1. Dunno if I could let lips that touch pimentos touch mine. 2nd base, eh? heh heh! Hmmm! Nicky used to love baked beans and Irish soda bread. Pasta is for playing hockey with.

  2. Oh, Jan's cat Missy used to LOVE stuffed olives. She'd roll them around and play with one till it was falling apart, then sit down and eat it. We've never had one. Wonder how they taste?

  3. The only "people" food that Mom Paula lets us eat is yogurt and chicken.

  4. Dash did a blog post about the quilt. We think you are the best of people and we love your family. Thank you.

    DashKitten and Whskr

  5. Wow, the only human food I like is chicken and salmon! Okay, and I tried balsamic vinegar ONCE (and once was all I needed!). You guys have crazy taste buds!

  6. Wow, we've never tried any of those foods! We're pretty much cat food cats.

  7. MOL. That's some funny stuff for cats to eat. EK eats weird stuff like melon, corn on the cob, and radishes! Candy and I are normal. We like tuna, chicken, and ham.