Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Amy's Quilt Won!

Normally I would NEVER double post, but a REALLY GREAT thing happened today!!!! KruseKats won the Best Cat-themed quilt in the Lilypad Quilting Pets on Quilt!!!!!! I had to share with everyone.

This is what Padsworth, the blog ambassador, had to say:

"For the Cat on Quilt or Cat-themed quilt, it's the amazing KruseKats, whose fan club propelled them to victory! Take a victory lap around the milk bowl, KruseKats! Everone loved the tail, er tale of how the quilt was made!"

We win a gift certificate from Cotton Patch Quilt Shop, and that will be given to Irene, our machine quilter.   THANKS A MILLION AND HEAD BONKS ALL AROUND AND SMOOCHIES, TOO!

I am adding this to cokie's bloghop since he was instrumental in the entry!


  1. This is so pawsome! Concats on a well-deserved win. Proud to be a member of #AmysQuiltArmy. Amy must be proud too!

  2. OH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Oh well done Wanda, LeoPussman, Parker, voters, Everyone. WELL DONE. What a thrill - and a wonderful prize to gift to our machine quilter. Wanda, this will have to be part of the quilt too on the label won't it?

    If you don't know, doing machine quilting is NOT easy - it is a REAL skill that not everyone possesses so Thank You Irene, I hope you enjoy the prize for your hard work.

  3. Well done. I hope Parker is suitably proud.

  4. Yeah baby!!!! WOohoooooowooooooooosoooooghia;nfkjfjfijhih!!!

    Yay! Concats!!!


  5. YEAHHHHH!! We just went over to Lilypad to see who won - and saw Amy's Quilt had! HIGHPAW!! WOOOT!!!

  6. I am so far behind these days - I'm just now seeing that you ARE A WINNER! That is outstanding news. Now that should tell you what a good quilter/designer you are! High Five!

  7. ChazzTheDog and I were proud to be included in this quilt. Extra secial it was judged Number 1. Concatulations on all your hard work. You deserve all the kudos from pals everywhere!