Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Dog Park

Yes, a cat can be very grateful for dog park. Let me count the ways.

1. No senseless barking which disturbs my nap.
2. Dad is gone, so no evil vacuum cleaner.
3. Parker and I have the run of the house without being interrupted.
4. Mom can double check the food bowls without dog help, only cat help.
5. Quality Mom lap time.
6. Dogs get a bath when they roll in something.
7. I get to snicker at the wet dog.
8. Did I mention no senseless barking?

Here is Dad with the doggy culprits at dog park:

Friends dogs: Norwich terrier, Tipsy; black dog behind Dad, Scoop
Our dog: white one, Dali
Neighbor dog: Big mud drenched goldendoodle, Argos, who got a bath! (SNICKER!)


  1. Dog Parks sound awesome! I had no idea!
    Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop Mags!


  2. No doggies in the Zoolatry house ~ but if there were, OMC ... we would send them to the dog park and we'd get all the kitty-park-benefits! Great idea.

  3. Mags, we're better than a dog any day. And, we don't need a bath - ever!

    1. Maine coons actually need a bath. The dog snickers.

  4. My human's boyfriend takes his dog to the dog park on Sundays - my human and us cats sleep in late and get some peace!

  5. Stopped by from the blog hop - this is so weird because my cat bro Bert just told me how much he enjoys us when mom takes us places or for long walks. You cats sure are odd, I prefer to keep the whole family together - oh well, I still like you cats! Emma :)

  6. I wash myself every day. Dogs are so unsanitary. I'm glad we don't have any. In fact, most of the neighbors with dogs have moved.

  7. Teri always says there's a reason there's not Cat Parks, hahameow! We like our alone time and are glad we don't have to share it with a doggie. You must be a very patient kitty to keep them in line!

  8. We never realized how good a dog park can be!

  9. Haha. We don't have a dog park around here. But we get virtually the same benefits when they walk our Jan twice a day.