Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cats Who Read

A few months ago @SpaCat talked about his new list, #literary-cat. Several of us would like to start a book club based on that list.

We thought that anyone who wants to participate give a list of 5 books, and at least one of those has to have cats in the book. Please email your list to me.

We can meet like the 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm ET. The date can change to accommodate most of us. I just wanted to get something written to get us started. THIS IS NOT A DATE IN STONE. WE CAN CHANGE IT!

Comments and suggestions on how to make this work are welcomed!

Now, I have to work on my list!


  1. That is a great Idea!! Count me in! I will work on my list of books

    Petie the cat

  2. what a nice idea. count me in. I will get my list of books together

  3. That's a very nice idea Maggie. I'll work on a list of books. I might be missing some Monday nights as I've been part of a group that meets every other Monday.

  4. Just wanted to let everybody know that I didn't start the literary cats list. I was there, however, when @SpaCat started the list. (And I'm a boy. Hee Hee) I'm looking forward to reading with everybody!

  5. @artofthespa and I are so excited for this we've been crazed with our move to California. Reading is one of our favorite retreats. List coming shortly and we'll link to your post on our blog.

    Spa wishes @spacat

  6. can count us in...we three love to read...and soooo does our mommy...she will get you her list as soon as she can...which will be as soon as we get off of the and kitty nuzzles :)

  7. We luvs to read, so count me in too!

  8. Da lady reads 3 or more at a time and always has some on deck. I will email shortly.

  9. Great idea. I'll have to ask mom if I can purrrrticipate. xo

  10. darn my momma reads too much but not kitty books :(
    but we will follow the #readpawty and see if there is one she might like *S*...


  11. I review books on my website - they are all cat-oriented (of course). Here's the link to my book review list - I can assure you that you will find some great picks for future reading:

    I am also an author, with one book out already, and another coming out in August! They are cat-to-cat advice books, and according to the publisher they are considered humor books at least as much as they are pet books.