Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture Contest: It's in the Bag!

We have been tagged by Keisha to participate in the Photo Game. Her is Cathy Keisha's blog:
We thought it was pretty cool, so here are the rules of the game:

Open your first photo folder.
Got to the 10th photo.
Post this photo and tell a story about it.
Tag 5 other blogs.

My picture is of Buster and Nelson. Buster is the guy with his eyes closed. He's a rescue, and is currently 13.5 years old. Mom says he's the gold standard for cats, something which I, Maggie, don't understand. The other guy is Nelson. He was also a rescue, living to about 7 years old. He died of kidney disease.

They were best buds, mom says. It wasn't a night at our house without those 2 having a fight in the vertical blinds. Nelson slept in a bowl that was quite a bunch smaller than he. Even our neighbor with macular degeneration could see the bowl was WAY too small. He fell asleep drinking water out of the bowl, but he woke up when his face hit the water. Nelson wasn't the most brilliant of cats. Mom says that when he was made, God offered him beauty or brains. Nelson said, Huh?

Keisha, thanks for nominating us! This was fun remembering Nelson stories.

I am going to nominate:
Rumblebum because he gives the best smooches ever!
Max the Quilt Cat since mom loves quilts
The Breeze since, well, he's spontaneous
Pandora because she's a beautiful Maine Coon
SirFudge Esq since he says anything he wants.


  1. Aww, thank you my BOOTIFUL Miss Maggie!!! *SAMMMMMOOOOOCH*

  2. That is a very bootiful photo Maggie. Two very handsome cats.

  3. *purrrrs and floofs MC tail* thanks you Maggie dear