Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anipal Book List Published!

I have posted the compiled #readpawty booklist as of 4-19-10. Is this exciting or what! the next improvement is to alphabetize it, but it is sorted by subjects.

The list is in pages, and they are found as links/tabs above the Kruse Kats header.

I have the list in excel and pdf formats. let me know if you want those, and I will email them to you.

Any additions, please email me. If you put them on Twitter, I will accidently forget them.

More details on the next #readpawty later this week.


  1. Oh I love da bookshelf! Will all books be kept as part of da list? For example, I'm reading Dewey, but if da next book I want to read is Under the Paw, will it be available? Purrs. Signed: Smokey8

  2. Excellent post Maggie. I'm reading Under The Paw now. Good book too.