Friday, March 5, 2010

Puppy Pawty!

We are all a-Twitter with the news of a cyber-puppy! The expectant parents are @LadyBonessa_F and @ApolloFrenchie, 2 gorgeous dogs. I can't imagine how beautiful the pup will be! Maggie, that's me, guess what! I get to be the Godmother!!!! Oh happy day!

@Pandora and I are having a puppypawty on March 27th from 12-4 EDT. We are having excellent noms provided by @MizzBassie, DJ's, barktenders and games. This pawty is for everyone, not just girls.

Her is the menu courtesy of @JavatheCat: http://http//

I don't have the Twtvite information yet, but will post that as soon as possible. I think that Pandy did a bang up job on the invitation. Make sure you tell her that you think it's great.

So, March 27, I hope to see everyone at the puppy pawty, including all the guys!


  1. Its going to be so fun Maggie!

  2. I sure hope I can make it. Silly Typist may go out of town that day :( Do you have any duck tape so I can make her stay?

  3. I'll be there Maggie. Wow- so much happened while I was on vacation. Seems like I was gone a year instead of only 2 weeks. I'll psss on some duck tape to George so he can come.

  4. Congratulations Sweet Maggie: I've just presented you with the Sunshine Award because you always put a smile on my face. Please see my blog for details.

  5. Oh no I can't come! I will be thinking of you all having fun & eating all the tasty morsels.