Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ducktor Wu is back!

I lost my dear friend Ducktor Wu. Mom and I have search behind every piece of furniture that she could move. After 2 months of frantic searching, my duck waddled from underneath the sofa! He had been taking a very long nap, and Dad had poked him. Dad was cleaning up my mess- I had pulled a Rudy and knocked over mom's basket of pens and stuff. Ducktor Wu woke up in all of the cleanup.

Lesson to be learned: Create a mess to find your dear Duckie.

Ducktor is sitting on an antique matchbox with Grandpa's school slate behind him.

I need to show you my hero for finding Ducktor, my Dad! I am supervising his lunch preparations.


  1. Oh Maggie - I'm so happy you found Dr. WU. he he - looks like you picked the only bad habit Rudy had!

  2. Oh I so happy you found you Dr.Wu. I know what it like when I can't find mai fave toy, purrs