Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KruseKats Quilt! Maggie's Quilt

I got my own quilt this year! It is hand appliqued based on Rose of Sharon patterns. Mom learned a different technique in each block. For example, the center 2nd block from the top has a ruched rose. The big pink one to your right has reverse applique. The bottom center is made from one 10 x 10" piece of green cloth and cut as the applique progressed. The big one to your right has folded 3D rose buds.

This is just the top and the corners were in progress. Mom put leaves and buds on the stems. It was hand quilted by the Concordia Luthern ladies in Kirkwood, MO. It isn't bound yet, but Dad wants to submit it to the UCity show this fall.

I haven't told you the name - "Maggie, there is no such thing as applique police". Dad didn't get it for a long time. Mom says that you can make a mistake but only she and an uptight judge will know it. So, she doesn't care if the "quilt police" look. She loves it, and so do I!.


  1. That is a VERY pretty quilt!!

  2. That's a gorgeous quilt.

    Mom made lots of mistakes in her quilt, but we love it anyway too. It's furry comfy and that's all that matters!

  3. Nice quilt and it's named after you! TW loves Rose of Sharon. She had bin Willy plant one on the grandpeeps grave.