Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KruseKats Quilt! Buster's Star

One part of quilt making that is rarely talked about is establishing provenance. It is essential to have the maker and date on a quilt otherwise you have to rely on oral history which can get murky. We have 3 incredible family quilts, but all we know is that they date to the Civil War. Most quilters today go the extra step and name the quilt to help establish what part of their life the quilt is celebrating such as a birth or the life of a dearly departed.

Mom and Dad have been naming quilts for us anipals for years. This is named for Buster, a red ticked tabby. Mom says he is the gold standard for all cats, thus "Buster's Star". (What am I? chopped liver?) It was juried into the University City, MO show last year. She didn't win anything and never figured on it, just likes folks to see her stuff. The pattern is called Pennsylvania Star. the star and appliques are batiks, the background is a print, and the border is one of Mom's hand dyed.Dad did a really cool piping between the border and binding. enjoy!


  1. Another beautiful quilt! You're making TW jealous that she doesn't have any talents.

  2. Another absolutely beautiful quilt. M here - I'm jealous like TW - you are so very talented. it would be nice to have 1/4 of your talent.

  3. Juried into a show? Wow this is so cool!!! * admiring ears *