Monday, March 11, 2013

KruseKats quilt! Dad's Turn

We took the weekend off to help heal mom's neck/shoulder. She's doing PT, hoping to avoid surgery.

Dad has been making quilts for the lady in his car pool. Her son who had beenin and out of reb finally OD'ed. The whole family feels the loss keenly, and asked Dad to make quilts using his favorite shirts. this is an outstanding version utilizing a string piecing method using strips of the shirts and other fabrics. I hink it is absolute eye candy!

I wasn't allowed on the quilt, but if you look in your lower right hand corner, the dog was involved.


  1. What a beautiful quilt (doggy's pretty cute too!). We're so sorry to read of the young man's passing, but this is a great way to memorialize him.
    Theresa & Prudence

  2. The 3rd time is a charm they say - I tried leaving comments two times before now and both times the screen froze up. ha ha - don';t know what the computer was trying to tell me, but I'll try again.

    So sorry your friend lost her son. How very horrible for her. You are very thoughtful people to make that quilt for them. M looked at it and went WOW! She says there has to be tons of hours of work there sewing all those pieces together, not to even mention all the cutting and finishing. What a lovely memorial for the family. They can always keep their son/brother close to them at night.,

  3. That is a beautiful quilt, and a lovely way to remember. I am sad for the family - addiction is such an awful disease, and it is still very much a mystery.

  4. The loss of a life is always a cause for deep regret, and I am sorry the family lost him so soon. Thank you Dad for making this quilt, it is a part of the young man and keeps him close to his family.