Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful for all the anipals who crossed Mom's path

Mom has asked that I put up pictures of some of the OTRB creatures who have graced KampKruse. We are thankful for their love and comfort.

Mr. Buster, Wise Warrior

Julie Dog, Silly hound mix

Rudy, Taken too early


  1. it has been very sad lately around the blogosphere. we know how you feel because we miss snowflake, who we never met, but made tsb into the crazy cat lady she is today! and that craziness was exemplified in our nimbus, who tsb fought and fought to keep alive and healthy for half of his short life. but now with the holidays almost here and a new year about to dawn on us, we too are thankful and join you guys in the happy memories of those gone before us.

  2. My human still misses the cat before me lots.

  3. It's good to remember and pay tribute to those that have come before.

  4. I think TW would love me more if she stopped thinking about the silly love struck cat before me. Hey, I miss Rudy too. xoxo

  5. What wonderful pictures. Mom still misses Mathilda pup alot too.

  6. PepiSmartDog: Hi Maggie, Parker and Mom,
    What beautiful fur-sibs ! I never had the opportunity to meet Buster but he sure is handsome. Julie has such a sweet smile and of course I'm at Rudy's Spa and Beautification Salon almost daily.
    Although your 3 sibs aren't living with you right now, I know they live on in your heart and their essence is everywhere you go. Please remind mom you will be a forever family again...not just yet. (((HUGS)))
    Thanks for joining Thankful Thursday ! Look forward to your next post. :=o)
    *waves paw* Pepi :=o)

  7. PepiSmartDog Oh, I forgot to add Ken! :=o)

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