Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Make a Gift Bag

Mom has learned a lot about how to mass produce gift bags for our Etsy Store benefiting World Vets. She would like to share.

  • Purchase fabric. Come home and wash/dry fabric.
  • Remove Parker from dryer/laundry basket/top of dryer on the fabric
  • Get out cutting board.
  • Remove Parker from Cutting board.

  • Smooth out fabric and begin to cut.
  • Remove Parker's foot or tail from the path of the rotary cutter.
  • Get ready to cut next bag.
  • Remove Parker from fabric pile to choose next fabric.
  • Iron. This is a Parker free step.

  •  Pin bag sides together.
  • Remove pins and pincushion from Parker's mouth because she forgot to turn pincushion upside down. He just pulls out the pins, doesn't eat.

  • Take Picture of finished bag.
  • Remove paw from picture.
  • Post picture on Etsy. This is a Parker free step.
  • Hide bags from Parker. No need to send hairy bags to customers!
  • Start process over.

If you notice, I am not helping mom in the scenario. I repeat, I AM NOT HELPING AND I AM THE GOOD CAT!


  1. Has ha - I jsut happened on the timeline and saw this. Now M and I are laughing our heads off. So typical cuz we cats want to help.

  2. OMC! Go work Parker! Great job snoopervising. I don't know about hairy bags. I kinda liked Parker's fur. MOL.

  3. BOL! Parker buddy, how could your mom possibly create w/o your help?

  4. Rumblemum is wondering if she could get a gift bag with Parker in it for xmas?

    I'm asking for a gift bag with Miss MAGGIE in it...

  5. Parker, I too have to supervise everything my human does! It only goes wrong when Binga tries to help!

  6. What a great helper you are Parker. If you want I could come join you and leave short orangie furs mixed in with your long orangie furs to add a new dimension to the textural effect of the gift bags.
    Hug hug hug