Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Celebration of Frugal Dougal

Rudy started on Twitter in 2009 with the Woodstock pawpawty. He wasn't sure what it all was, but he saw a bunch of pawty animals, and he was there. The pawty raised monies for rescues and that sounded pretty good. Rudy soon became a barktender and got to know the CD, Chief Dog Frugal Dougal. Everyone was Dougal's pal, and everyone was welcome.

Rudy learned a lot from Dougal. He has been the OTRB proprietor of Rudy's Beautification Salon and Spa for 3 years. Everything he knows abut pampering and taking care of anipals, he learned from Dougal's ways.

I came onto the scene and became a quizmaster. It was great fun, and again, I learned the gentle art of taking care of anipals and experienced their joy of wining prizes from the greats quizmaster ever, Dougal

Parker came along and joined the fray as a dj. He was very lucky to get to know Dougal, and counts him as one of the dogs he loves.

Mom says she got the greatest priviledge ever when she met Dougal's mom Lynn. It was amazing how similar Dougal and Mom Lynn's personalities were - caring, loving, silly, a bit of a prankster, and always giving.

The KruseKats celebrate the life of Frugal Dougal and thank him and Mom Lynn for everything they taught and gave to the anipal community. May Frugal Dougal be running through the pastures. We hope Rudy has figured out how to style cairn terrier fur. May Lynn take comfort in knowing that she and Frugal Dougal started a movement to Be the Change for animals and that hundreds of us are going forward with that banner, spreading the word.

Frugal Dougal and Lynn, thanks for all the joys! We raise a Hank's Bacon Beer to you.

Please visit my anipal friends as they, too pay tribute to Dougal.  


  1. Great post dear friend to a super doggie and his human. He has left a wonderful legacy and I'm so honored to have met him.

  2. Wonderful post! We wlll honor him by carrying on his vision and compassion for all anipals great and small.

  3. Great post to a wonderful friend. FD will always be in our hearts

  4. Beautiful...simply beautiful...the tributes to Dougal today are so heartfelt...He will surely be remembered well and for a long time

  5. A terrific tribute to Dougal and his mum Lynn. Thank you {{hugs}}!

  6. What a wonderful tribute! I will miss Dougal a lot.

  7. We didn't know Dougal well, but we're sorry he has gone to the Bridge. We send purrs to his family and all those who are missing him so much.

  8. Rest in peace Frugal Dougal... xxx