Thursday, February 2, 2012

Semi thankful Thursday

Well, mom is off to puerto Vallarta Mexico! Yay mom! Maybe she will come home al relaxed and will quit the smooching on our heads. (Secret-we rough up the tops of our heads so there are lots of loose cat hairs for her to inhale!). That is the good thing.

We are glad to have funny sweet neighbors who take care of us. Frank rogh houses with Parker, also know as Bob due to his ear tips. That takes pressure off me to be Parker's target. The wife is ditzy, and we try to get 2 meals out of her, but he don't try too hard cuz she brushes us.

We miss mom, and even DA DOG and Dad. we will be thankful when she is back on Saturday.


  1. Did she ax permission to go? Anyway, she should've taken HHGutt with her and left him there. Just meowin"

  2. It sounds like you have some awesome caretakers while your human is away!

  3. Our neighbors are great people. They would do anything for a box of chocolates!

    Mom actually did ask permission, but in a way that we couldn't say no.