Thursday, January 26, 2012

thankful thursday

I am glad mom has friends. she has been driving us nuts with the holding and pettin, and she has even taken to smooching the top of our heads. So, we are very glad when she can talk to Auntie Dee and her BlogPaw friends and her professor friends.

These fine humans have given her the strength to talk to her director about rearranging the department so she no longer reports to the Man of Torture. So, things will become moe interesting for her, and maybe she won't mope around the house so much.

Thank you, Mom's Human Friends! It took all of Twitter to give her strentgh.


  1. And, once again, TW failed in this assignment. She takes none of the credit because, frankly, she didn't do anything. She's fails as a cat owner AND a human friend.

    1. TW should take a lot of credit. Making her laugh is a huge part of what heals a heart

  2. Yes, it is great when humans can spend time with other humans - means less time manhandling US!

  3. Sometimes it's easier to solve someone else's problems than it is your own. It's good you have friends you can talk things like that over with.

  4. You mom is BRAVE. She has ALSO inspired our human. Humans do need to support each other!

    My human has had FOUR good days at work in a row!