Sunday, May 23, 2010

Neena Is Reformed!!!!!

The parents are oh so relieved! The trainer Stray Rescue sent got her behavior corrected and turned around in 2 hours! He showed M&D what to do. They aren't learning as fast as Neena did, but they are trying as hard as she is. I will let Dad tell his side of the story in an email to the Stray Rescue coordinator.

I do not believe the change in Neena after the 2 hours that the trainer spent with us yesterday. She has done a 180 degree turn from the dog who barked at everything. This morning I had to put her on two long downs on her side to let her know the behavior was not acceptable. This afternoon we were sitting in our side yard with several motorcycles, bicycles and walkers going by on the street and she did not bark or lunge at any of them. Two days ago she would have been at the end of her tether raising a total ruckus. This afternoon on our walk, we encountered one dog walking and one dog behind a fence (I had her in a sit position both times and she let out one bark each time which was easily stopped). We went to the grounds of the community college and she just watched the squirrels and birds play in the tree, no lunging, no barking. To say I am elated is an understatement.

Thank you for sending the trainer to help us. We were truly desperate yesterday and despondent in not knowing how to work with Neena. With his guidance, we will have the dog that we know Neena can be.

And, we got a nice gift from @morriscat, the beautiful collar and leash he won at pawpawty. We thank everyone for all their love and support. You guys have made all the difference. I might be able to deal with the dog after all! MOL!

Stray Rescue
rocks! This is not your average shelter. Make sure you click on their name and check out their website.


  1. What wonderful news! We should make Stray Rescue one of our #pawpawty charities. I'm so glad they reformed Neena.

  2. truely glad to read that! And wtg for choosing a stray rescue. We fell for Moxie's charm and I cant believe anyone would have given her up. She's so so sweet.

    Now I'm trying to get Ophelia to settle a bit. She gets mean with Moxie. I dont know why. I wish she'd settle a bit.

  3. Oh i'm so relieved for all of you - Neena included. That rescue organization is a good one and I'll recommend it for the next pawpawty too. I'm so happy you are on the road to a happy household once again and Neena is learning to correct her behavior.

  4. I iz so happy for you an Neena. She iz obviously a soupeerior kinda doggy to learn so fast. Its grate you haz such a wonderfur doggy reskew place to help, Iz like to know wat tekneeekz you learned.

  5. So very happy that the trainer waz gud with Neena! She is sweet doggy and just needed some help.

  6. So glad you are all getting along so well together now!