Saturday, May 22, 2010

Neena Bit the Orkin Guy

I have been very quiet lately while the family adjusts to Neena. She is a sweet dog, energetic, willing to please, and quick to learn. She even understands "hiss", and that makes her OK in my book.

When you get a rescue dog, you accept that there will problems, potty issues, and so on. The unexpected part of Neena was lunging and fierce barking at walkers, bicyclists, and motorcycles. Walking is very difficult since her foster parent hadn't walked her but also because the aggressive behavior starts when she would spot someone, even 2 blocks away. Mom took her to the vet, and she wouldn't stop barking, challenging all the dogs and upsetting everyone.

The rescue shelter has been great. They have sent a trainer to our house, and the foster has come by to check on Neena. We went to a HSA-MO class on how dogs learn and had signed up for classes. Mom clicker trained her in 2 - 5 minute sessions how to touch mom's hand. However, we still had no idea how to change Neena's aggressive behaviors. Tension was building between "the parents" and they were starting to fight, a rare thing. On our vet's recommendation, Dad took Neena to a professional trainer for evaluation.

I guess at 9 months old it can be hard to determine if it is teenage rebellion or aggression. The trainer felt it was aggression, and the parents had seen enough that they felt it was probably the right call. She needs to go to doggy boot camp for 7-8 weeks, but the trainer felt she should be fine at the end. Parents called the shelter, and they agreed to send their trainers over to get another opinion.

Neena took matters into her own paws yesterday. Dad was holding her, and the Orkin man was trying to make friends. The Orkin guy loves animals and all us guys love him, except he's stinky. Anyway, Nenna bit the Orkin guy. Luckily for us, he's fine (no blood), and isn't going to press charges. Dad made tearful calls to the shelter, and 2 trainers are coming today.

Whatever is going on isn't Neena fault beacuse who knows what happened in her fist 5 months of life. We don't have adequate training for problems. She loves us and has never been aggressive to any of us, hasn't even chased me! All I know is that the parents are at a crisis point, and we aren't sure what the outcome will be.


  1. O dears, pore Neena. Her musta been skarded after her did that. Iz hope her can get helped. *softpaw*

  2. Oh my - I so sorry to hear bout all these problems. I feel bad for Neena and also your oomans. I do hope someone can help you and your family. She's such a sweet looking doggie too. HUGS to everyone - including Neena.

  3. Oh Maggie. I'm so sorry all this has happened. I know u adopted Neena to do something good & help an animal in need. It seems so unfair to have such problems when u do such a wonderful thing. I really hope that everything works out so that Neena can stay with u and have the happy life I know she will have there. I'm here for u. All of us are. Just let us know if there's anything peeps and I can do.

  4. Oh no... poor sweet puppy...

    We know of lots of things to calm kitties down, but we don't really know about puppies. Maybe try some rescue remedy in her water? It helps us and it helps our humans... maybe it will help puppy?

    We're sending lots of good thoughts to you all.

  5. Hope things work out for Neena mai pal, we are here if you need support mai pal .

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the problems Neena is having. Sounds like you're doing all the right things in working with a trainer and behaviorist. I'm sure your patience will pay off.


  7. Oh Mags what a sad start to Neena's life with you all. I hope that she gets the help that will make it possible for her to stay with you all. Your parents did such a brave thing adopting Neena & I hope that it turns out for the best.

  8. Poor Neena. She must have had some terrible humans in her life before. I hope the trainers can help her learn she doesn't have to be afraid and attack everyone.