Monday, February 8, 2010


We're having a pawty!!!! It's a Maine Coon pawty in honor of our dear Rudy. Our tailor, @Herbie_the_Cat, is working on special outfits for us. The theme is "Shakespeare in Love", and I, Maggie, can't wait to see what outfit I get to wear.

Rudy will be making a special appearance for the occasion. He's so excited and has been practicing all of the new dance steps and can't wait to get dance partners lined up. I hope I will get to dance, but being the host, one never knows.

We're raising money for maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association. These are a great group of breeders who are interested in preserving the breed. They also have a small rescue effort. All their rescues have to be fostered since there is no main facility.

Keep your eye on this space. There will be a special drawing for one of Mom's creations!

Here is the link for donations:
Here is the Invitation:
And, here is the info for pawpawty:


  1. How wonderful and exciting, and an EXCELLENT cause!!!

    Miss Maggie... can I have a dance please? I was also wondering if you'd be my valentine day sweetie....


  2. I so so happy you posted dis early so we had a chance to donate. Rudy was my special friend and I miss him so much.