Monday, February 4, 2013

Something's Fishy

Parker has been walking around in a fog. I go to use the box, and you wouldn't believe what I found! I wonder if he has a date for Valentine's.


  1. MOL! If my human saw that in MY litter box, she would whisk me off to the vet! She has NO sense of romance.

  2. ha ha - love it. I keep forgetting Parker is old enough for a romance. Hmmmm, now which booriful lady grabbed his heart! Sparkle said it all - if M saw that in my litter box too I'd be scooped up and off to the vet. I must say your mom is keeping her cool.

  3. MOL! That's too funny. So.... who's the lucky (or unlucky) ladycat?

  4. I think it's romantic.
    ...I'm worried about Glogirly though. She's got a major craving for chocolate hearts now.

    ; ) Katie

  5. Whoa! Turds shaped like hearts. Oh Parker! I mean, wonder who he's got the hots for.