Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It is getting absolutely annoying around here, mooning over my homey of all cats, yes, @CathyKeisha. I shudder at the thought of Parker and her doing, well, you can imagine. *shudder*

I hope you have been catching CK's stunningkeisha blog the past week. The boys collaborated with Mom to send CK cards and stuff to woo her. I am starting to think that Ken is getting cold feet, he just turned 2 after all, and CK is a wild cat woman.

This is Parker's request to CK. Enjoy the band Jet. (As if he didn't dedicate his entire Beatles set to her?)


  1. Sigh! I still can't believe that little pip squeak of a Parker is old enough to date someone as "wild" as CK! One thing is for sure tho, he'll have a good time and won't get bored!

  2. Heh-heh, yeah, I do need the money. MOL! Thanks Parker. SWOON! I can't believe I'm with my Homey's brofur. On Thursday, first we'll hit that Ball thing, than on the Nipclub cos I'm prolly working. Maybe we can do a combined shifts, playing songs back and forth to each other!

    1. Parker is in a dead swoon. I think he had a heart attack (hehe).