Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I polled the house and I am sumarizing what is publishable:

Ken - Establish world dominance, or at least have it out with Maggie.

Parker - More Greenies, more Mom lap time. Also, Mom needs to make more quilts so I can help.

Dali - Plot how to overthrow the cat dominion. In absence of that, I need more bully sticks.

Mom - More quilts first half of the year. Teach Fall semester.

Dad - Remodel kitchen and fuss over how messy it is.

And, the best:

Maggie - Get that Ken to quit pestering me! I am Tortie, hear me growl. I finally trained Parker, now Ken. Mom, what did you do to me?


  1. My resolutions were only for my human - I didn't need any!

    1. Well, that is so true. However, in this Ken v Maggie, war, he needs to know that I will triumph!

  2. Oh dear Mags - you'd better move in with me. Of course you rule, that's a Tortie! Come here - D is a real push over -just constantly stay in his lap until you want to play - then he'll turn you over to M.

  3. Great revolutions, at least for the peeps. You show the new kit in town who's boss around there.

  4. We don't make resolutions...we think we're purrfect just the way we are! ;)