Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ken Kat Settles In

I guess it is about time that I share my view of Ken since it looks like he is staying.

The burden of keeping Parker occupied has been shifted from me. Ken takes care of that now. However, keeping Ken occupied is an ENORMOUS task. You see, Ken is an equal opportunity instigator.

Yes, that Ken tracks me down and pesters me. I wake up in my cozy pink bed and he is on the floor staring at me. I am on Granpa's table (my upstairs surveying spot), and he is staring at me. He follows me up the cat tree and attacks me on top of the armoire. I have even found him in my safe linen closet hidey hole! Here he is watching for me.

On top of all that, he is Dad's favorite cat. Imagine that. That Ken has replaced me, the Queen, in Dad's heart. Well, to be honest it is hard to be #1 in a dog lover's heart, but still. I have seniority around here! Ken attempted to jump on the ironing board, but knocked it and the iron to the floor. All Dad said was "Bad Cat." Bad Cat? I get that on a daily basis for flicking my tail. Where is the equality?

Ken has learned tricks to a human heart. He rolls and shows the belly - what a cheap ploy, but works. He walks around talking and Mom is figuring out his calls. (she says MC's have an enormous vocabulary compared to our ancestor.) He has gorgeous classic tabby swirls with a white blaze - very handsome even if I say so myself. And, the Pièce de résistance is, get this, sleeping in the bathroom sink.

I just have to resign myself that Ken is here to stay. Mom said that we have to put up with Ken since he is rehomed and still settling in not to mention only 2 years old. I do recall Parker at 2 and he was a pain in the patootie.

So, Queen Margaret, um Maggie, will reign at the KruseKat house.


  1. OMC - Another sink sleeper. Well, I don't actually sleep there, but stay there until the Peeps finally get around to filling it with cold water. Now that Ken is a very handsome man cat - Yikes I now have even more competition with the lady cats - Parker, Ken and you can't forget the Rumbles~!!

  2. That last picture of him sleepin' in the sink. That's the money shot! The peep is oohing and ahhing like there is no tomorrow. I'm never gonna hear the end of this... purrs

  3. Maggie, I hear it is tough having to adjust to a new kitty. But then, I would not know about that since I am the latest kitty here... over 10 years ago! Ken does look nice, if rather annoying and an attention hog.

  4. He knocked the iron over and just got a "Bad cat"? I nearly got killed for that years ago. Bast have mercy on you, Mags. 2 brothers? Now that should be illegal. I have to admit, though, they are rather handsome …