Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feline Purrspective - Feeding the Meowing Herds

My homey, the STUNNING Cathy Keisha, gave me an idea to talk about how we view the world, I mean OUR world.

Food, glorious food! Is there anything better? Our feeding ritual is kibble at the ready and a bit of wet food twice a day. We eat on the counter, I am on the left hand of the sink, Parker on the right. Dad feeds us in the morning, and his time is very consistent.

It is the afternoon feed that needs a bit of timeliness. As far as I am concerned feeding can begin at 12:30 pm. Mom doesn't think so. she says it has to be at least 2:30 - 3 pm. Why? Is this some human foible? Even Dr. Pepper back in the day had 10, 2, and 4 on the bottle? GET A HINT!

So, I start the endearing starving kitty routine at 12:30 anyway. Oh, life is so cruel. insert plaintive meow here. Sometimes I can get Parker involved in the schtick.Mom just melts when he head butts her. But, she holds firm.

So, I start the winding around the legs bit. That is particularly effective since Mom can be a klutz. She says she got us big cats so she could see us on the floor. She has been known to accidently drop kick a cat across the room when in the way.

You know what she does then? Waits a bit when I am resting my eyes, and THEN calls us to supper. GEEZ.

You know what the worst part is? they actually use the counter for quilting! It interupts our jumps. So, we sleep on it. Ha!

Thanks CK for the great topic!


  1. It sounds like your human needs an attitude adjustment - does she not see that clocks were built to totally revolve around us kitties?!

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  3. TW does the same thing with me. She makes me wait until 4 pm. Not a second before. Pop used to feed the kitties and clean the litter boxes in the a.m. until he broke his back. He was always on time I hear.

  4. *sigh* Humans do NOT respect our needs nearly enough. Why our mom told us as she left that the would be working LATE tonight - so what does that do to our dinner, since Papa's teaching physics, we ask you?!?!? THE NERVE.

  5. I yell, mum feeds me because i YELL and YELL (worse than a girl she says)> Still she doesn't feed me every time * sigh *.

    Life is cruel….


  6. I'm glad I had a few minutes to read blogs today because we certainly would not have wanted to miss this post. Now really Parker and Mags - your mom is almost tougher than M. Almost. I have to wait until 3:00 at least before my "feed me routine" does any good. Sometimes if I look at her and sigh/mew at the same time, I'll get a little early! This d.i.e.t. thing is going to Kill me!! I just know it is!